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YonicStudios is a Spanish entertainment group founded on July 11th, 2008. Their most notable titles include Prime VR, 7 Cores: The Legendary Crystal (along with its original version, Paper Yoshi 2: The Seven Cores), My Dog's Tale, and Marble Racers.



In its early years, YonicStudios focused on developing short sprite animations on YouTube, including Paper Yoshi: Stars' Request, via the official channel at the time, multimediayoshi.


Starting with the Neo YonicStudios era, the group would focus on videogame development for PC and virtual reality. Officially, YonicStudios's list of currently in development games include:

  • Marble Racers
  • 7 Cores: The Legendary Crystal

Other planned game projects include:

  • Deep Nebula: Karine Star
  • My Dog's Tale

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